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Susan 007 Olive Shaker - Product Harvesting Machine

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Susan 007 Olive Shaker - Product Harvesting Machine

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"SUSAN 007 - Olive Shaker", developed by Susan Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., is a portable, hand operated, distinguished harvest collecting machine for fruit trees that produces vibration with the aid of petrol engine.

"SUSAN 007 - Olive Shaker" is used for harvesting of olives, nuts, citrus fruits that are normally collected by bending the branches of the tree or by handpicking.

"SUSAN 007 - Olive Shaker" is also used for collecting of fruits that grow mature at various times besides the ones maturing at the same time.  It enables the fruits to drop to earth as a result of the vibration starting together with the attachment of the hooked tube that has various lengths to the branch of the tree and with the aid of two-stroke (48 CC) petrol engine.


A clean and efficient crop collection is realized with the aid of vibration produced by Susan 007 - Olive Shaker without giving any damage to the tree.  "V" hook shape eliminates the gap between the hook and the branch that may have a different diameter than the other branches and certainly prevents the formation of knockings and bumps on the branches.

"SUSAN 007 - Olive Shaker", developed by Susan Makina and has beneficial model (product) certificate (NO: TR 2000 02644 Y), enables the adjustment of the hook towards left or right during usage by means of its glove mechanism.  By minimizing the vibration transmitted to the operator during usage with the aid of spring mechanism on glove and gas handle, machine increases the working time of the operator significantly, and maximizes the efficiency of the process.

"SUSAN 007 - Olive Shaker", having beneficial product certificate, can reduce your working wages to minimum and collect more harvest, thus you can derive big profits in "time and wages" which have a big importance for you.


  It eliminates undesirable fruits and deadwood.
  It breaks down the sponges in order to protect trees from various diseases.
  It is ideal for young trees.
  It minimizes the costs and number of workers.
  Minimum weight (13.5 kg), minimum tiredness.
  Maximum working performance with its vibration of 2400 revolutions/minute.
  Fastest harvesting, minimum investment, minimum maintenance.
  Maximum quality oil, significant drop in costs.
  360 degrees turning arm (PATENT NO: TR 2000 02644 Y).

"SUSAN 007 - Olive Shaker" has been manufactured and designed by Susan Makine San. Tic.
Ltd. Sti. in order to provide ease of usage and to increase the efficiency by
considering the smallest detail involved, and has been presented to you, to our
dear valued customers.

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